The Best Customized PC Builders of 2019

The Best Customized PC Builders of 2019

Only at Personalized PC Review, we love building our personal custom PCs so when long for it, we’d 100% recommend you do the same, but sometimes it’s just better to leave the PC building to the pros as you’re up. Because you lack the time or your friend who can’t even put together a desk from Ikea asks if it’s a good idea to build a custom water cooled gaming system, there’s plenty of reasons to go with a custom PC builder whether it’s.

Today we’ll be sharing a number of that which we think will be the most useful PC that is custom available today.

AVADirect is an Ohio dependent customized PC builder created back 2000. Real to being a customized pc builder, AVADirect can perform producing any customized PC you need with choices such as for instance customized watercooling loops, premium cabling, from the factory overclocking and also including custom automotive paint jobs.

Selection-wise, AVADirect’s web site has a really wide range of elements to select from and prevents selection overload by showing only five of the very component that is common and hiding the others. This is really important as some elements such as for instance memory has up to 180 choices to pick from.

When it comes to prices, AVADirect is actually among the best associated with the lot, it is somewhat more costly than CyberPowerPC for a comparable system. Needless to say, as you’d anticipate custom paint jobs are really a “contact for quote” style of deal, therefore prices shall differ considerably in line with the buyer’s demands.

AVADirect warranties their systems between 1-3 years with respect to the system bought. For systems that feature merely a 1-year guarantee out from the package, a 3-year guarantee best custom pc builder website choice is designed for a cost. All AVADirect systems additionally function life time support that is technical life time work.


CyberPowerPC is just A ca custom that is based builder launched long ago in 1998. CyberPowerPC is well known for having among the widest selections of elements available with more than a huge selection of choices to pick from. Those who’ve done the research and know exactly what they want will appreciate the ability to customize their system just the way they want while this may create a bit of overload for those unfamiliar with PC components.

Among the list of custom Computer builders, CyberPowerPC can be probably the most competitive with regards to prices with regular offerings of discounts and packages which can make it appear to be they’re owning a purchase virtually every day that is single. With regards to unique service offerings, CyberPowerPC provides some fundamental overclocking, cable administration and water cooling choices, but don’t anticipate an automotive grade paint work from all of these dudes.

CyberPowerPC’s warranty covers desktop systems for 3-years work, 1-year components or even for laptop computers 1-year labor, 1-year components. All systems additionally function life time tech support team.

Falcon Northwest

Falcon Northwest is an Oregon depending customized PC builder launched back 1992 making the organization among the oldest custom PC builders in the marketplace. Falcon Northwest is renowned for their own customized PC cases combined with stunning custom paint jobs that could be purchased to choose them.

Each of which feature an exclusive case design from the company unlike other custom PC builders, Falcon Northwest only offers a select few systems. Choice of elements are reasonably slim too, but all elements are typical top quality, well evaluated and work nicely together.

With regards to rates, Falcon Northwest systems with no custom paint jobs fall during the upper end regarding the cost spectrum, but are unsuccessful of Maingear’s much more premium pricepoints. People who would like a customized paintjob will most likely be shelling out somewhere near to $1000 when it comes to privilege.

Falcon Northwest supplies a 1-3 year guarantee with regards to the product bought along with life time tech support team.

Maingear is a brand new Jersey depending customized PC builder created back 2002. Maingear established fact because of their high performance custom PCs and their top notch customer support.

Like many of one other top PC that is custom, Maingear’s on line system configurator is smartly designed to supply just a couple systems with restricted component offerings to make sure clients get a method with elements that produce feeling and work very well together. Several of Maingear’s systems additionally function alternatives for out from the field watercooling along with other specialty customized work, however it does cost a pretty penny.

Talking about price, Maingear systems rank whilst the most high-priced regarding the custom PC builders with a simple Rush Z270 Core i7-7700K combined with a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti costing over $2,000. A GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, and Samsung 960 PRO 1TB, expect to pay over $5,000 and that’s without even adding watercooling or a custom paint job for a well equipped version of the system with a Core i9 7900X, 64GB of RAM.

Maingear systems are warranted for 1-year from the package using the solution to expand to 3-years for a cost. All Maingear system additionally function lifetime support that is technical life time work also.

OriginPC is really a Florida dependent custom PC builder started straight back last year by previous workers of Alienware after it absolutely was obtained by Dell. OriginPC is renowned for their particular situation designs, their notch that is top warranty customer support.

While OriginPC does not boast the selection that is insane you’d discover at CyberPowerPC or AVADirect, OriginPC has exclusive situation designs just like the Genesis or the Omni that you just wouldn’t find somewhere else. Furthermore while Origin Computer does not boast a brilliant wide range of elements, each one of the elements provided are well suited to the build which makes it possible for both experienced experts and very first time purchasers to leave with an adequately equipped system.

Rates on OriginPC systems is someplace in the center amongst the minimum & most expensive. While there are a few custom Computer builders that may develop a comparable system for cheaper, none can build the identical system as a result of unique services and services and services and products OriginPC provides.

OriginPC systems carry a 1-year guarantee from the field with an alternative to increase to 3-years for an additional cost. All OriginPC systems additionally have a very long time of free tech support team and free work also.

Xidax is a south Jordan, Utah custom PC builder that is based. Xidax’s is renowned because of their quality develops that and a thorough desktop guarantee that covers both components and work for life.

Xidax’s system selection is not almost as large as the offering catalogs from builders like CyberPowerPC or iBuyPower, but Xidax’s focus is much more in the making sure the builds they do offer have parts which they promise will work very well together. Additionally due to the restricted catalog, Xidax also offers a simple to find out item catalog that features simply the X-2, X-4, X-6, X-8, and X-10 which represents the tiniest least powerful video video gaming Computer towards the biggest, most gaming PC that is powerful. As well as video video gaming desktops, Xidax also provides laptop computers, workstations, and servers too.

Who’s Your Favorite Customized PC Builder?

These are merely a few of the custom PC builders we’ve had great experiences with, but you will find bound to be hundreds more we now haven’t had the opportunity to make use of. Do a custom is known by you Computer builder which should be about this list? Tell us when you look at the reviews below!

Personalized PC Purchasers Guide

When buying a personalized Computer from a Custom Computer Builder, it is crucial to keep some things in brain. Listed here are a few of the considerations that are key keep whenever looking at investing in A personalized Computer from the Personalized PC Builder.

Customer Support

According to your reasoned explanations why you went having a Custom PC Builder, probably one of the most essential grounds for having somebody else patch together your next Customized PC is basically the power to have the ability to communicate with somebody when you’re having problems with your computer. Most of the Personalized PC Builders above have committed customer support in addition to tech support team lines that exist for your use should you’ve got a concern. A number of the better vendors even get far above this by providing complete life time phone help if you ever need it so you can always get some help.


Whenever you grow your own Customized PC, you will get a different guarantee out of every component maker. Which means if part breaks down, you’ll have actually to help you to figure out which component went wrong, just take the system apart, and acquire the component warrantied during that component manufacturer. There’s convenience in knowing that the entire system can simply be shipped back to the builder and depending on the warranty purchased, parts and labor would be included in the service process with a Custom PC Builder.


Whenever building a personalized Computer, the primary reason numerous wish to accomplish it is since they think creating a Computer by yourself is cheaper than purchasing one from the Custom PC Builder; nonetheless, it can this might definitely not be real. All Custom PC Builders have volume prices discounts, this means they have cheaper rates on elements in comparison to someone buying shopping. Because of this, Personalized PC Builders can generally make money while nevertheless offering the same system at exactly the same requirements as you had been buying elements separately from a shop.

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